Commvault and Oracle are Partnering up

Commvault and Oracle partner to bring Metallic to OCI

Commvault and Oracle are partnering to bring Metallic to OCI. 

In case you don’t know…

Commvault “Helps you do amazing things with your data.” Commvault offers industry-leading Data Protection and Security services. Additionally, they can help with various industry data compliance and provide insights with their Data Intelligence Services. They also provide protection services. As Commvault’s website says, it doesn’t matter where your data lives, be it on-premises, in the private or public cloud, or even hosted by a trusted partner. Commvault has been named a Leader in their Gartner Magic Quadrant 10 times, and a Top 20 Coolest Cloud Companies by CRN in 2021. 

Oracle is a leader in Cloud Hosted Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure. Oracle also provides many popular products such as Java, MySQL, Oracle Database, and Oracle Linux.

Metallic is a Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) offering from Commvault that provides data backup and protection services. Through Metallic customers can backup Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, VMs and Kubernetes, and much more!

OCI is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which is Oracle’s Cloud hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering. OCI often competes with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

The Race to the Cloud

With the Global Pandemic organizations are full steam ahead on their migrations to the cloud. With workloads and the workforce more decentralized than ever as-a-Service offerings, of all kinds, offer the flexibility needed to adapt to this “new normal.”

A 25-year History of Integration

The partnership just makes sense. The two giants share over 3,000 customers together. Oracle is adding over 200 customers every year, and Commvault is protecting 65 Peta Bytes of data, and growing at an unprecedented rate!

Cyber Crime is on the Rise

Better Together

While this is certainly not a shocking headline, but CyberCrime is on the rise. With the Metallic partnership, OCI customers can rest peacefully knowing their data is backed up and protected from Ransomware attacks. Metallic can also assist with various industry compliance, and provide exceptional, enterprise-class, storage performance.

The Power of the Portfolio

The Power of the full Commvault Portfolio

The initial offering will include support for Backup and Recovery for OCI VMs on-premises and in the cloud, as well as Oracle Container Engineer for Kubernetes, also known as OKE, and Oracle Databases running on-premises or in cloud VMs.

In the future, the Metallic offer will expand to support the recovery of more OCI workloads.


After learning more about the OCI and Commvault Partnership I, for one, am very excited to see this. Commvault has long been a titan when it comes to data intelligence, storage, and backup. OCI is also an industry leader for Enterprise Applications and now Cloud Infrastructure. Backup, data protection, and compliance are some of the biggest hurdles facing Enterprise Organizations today. This partnership aims to ease this for businesses so they can focus on what they do best!

Test Drive!

To learn more about the Metallic offering you can go to I highly encourage you to check it out today! I have already jumped in and I can’t wait to show you more in future blog articles.

While the opinions stated in this article are my own, this content was sponsored.

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