Cisco Live 2018 Coverage

The time is nearly here! I’m packing my bags, my flight leaves tomorrow – Orlando here I come! Cisco Live starts Sunday! Please make sure to follow me here and on Twitter as I am going to try my best to report on everything that comes out of Cisco Live this coming week. I plan […]

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Tips for attending Cisco Live 2018

Cisco Live has got to be my absolute favorite IT Conference! The presenters are fantastic, the sessions are very tech forward, and very lite on the sales pitch. Cisco actually discourages their sales teams from attending so their customers can have a pressure free week to explore and learn more about Cisco’s offerings. I participated […]

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PowerCLI 10!

Earlier this year VMware released PowerCLI 10! Wait a minute, 10??? What happened to 7, 8, and 9?? I’ll get to that in a minute… Along side PowerCLI 10, Microsoft PowerShell 6.0 has also been released. This is big, really, really big. If you haven’t been following PowerShell with their 6.0 release they are adding […]

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