Yesterday I attended the first ever Cisco Connect Vermont. It was a very exciting event packed full of information and news about the latest products and services available from Cisco.


Presentations included:

Security – presentation on Cisco’s new NGFW line, AMP, and a Cisco Umbrella demo

Enterprise Networking – insights into Cisco’s new Network Intuitive and the Catalyst 9K series

Collaboration – Live demo of a real Cisco Spark board including a video chat with a recent adopter of Spark boards.


Meraki – Cisco Meraki did a great presentation, including a customer testimonial from Vermont’s own Orvis on implementing Cisco Meraki changed the way they do business and saved them a substantial amount of money.

Data Center – update on the latest from Cisco’s UCS and HyperFlex offerings for Data Center.

In addition to the great presentations from Cisco attendees also got a chance to network with like minded IT Pros from the area.

The event was a huge success. This was the first time a Cisco Connect event in a smaller city, usually the Connect events are reserved for larger, more populated, cities. The Cisco team anticipated 50 attendees, but in the end the event saw nearly 100 registered customers, close to 75 people attended the event – which made it larger than the Cisco Connect events happening else this week.

Given the success of the event I believe we’ll be seeing another Cisco Connect Vermont event next year!

Did you attend? If so, what did you think?

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