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I’ve recently been informed of some big news regarding the speakers for the Big Idea Talks at Cisco Live this year!

Each year at Cisco Live events around the globe you get access to some of the greatest deep dive technical content there is in the networking industry. Deep dive technical education is great! The better you understand the technologies you’re working with the more value add you can bring to your team and company. It better prepares you for the obstacles you’ll face, and for certification exams.

Big Ideas Theater, Cisco Live 2018. Photo credit:

But, to really complete your professional development you need to pay attention to more than just the technical. The Big Idea Talks at Cisco Live aim to do just that by bringing in some of the biggest names in thought leadership – technologists, futurists, researchers, present day innovators, and many other thought provoking voices from across many different industries and walks of life.

Announcing, the first three, of four, Big Idea Talks speakers at CLUS 2019:

Janet Stovall – Session Title: How to get serious about diversity + inclusion in the workplace. Monday June 10th.

According to her bio on, Janet is the lead speech writer for the CEO and other executives at UPS. Her life experiences have driven her to face the issues of diversity, inclusion, and racism head on.

Kate Darling – Session title: The Future of Human-Robot Interaction. Wednesday, June 12th.

As a Research Specialist at MIT’s Media Lab, Dr. Kate Darling’s work has been focused on human and robot interactions through social experiments.

Ben Nemtin – Session Title: The Buried Life. Thursday, June 13th.

Together with his childhood friends Ben created one hell of a bucket list. Ben is the author of “What Do You Want to do Before You Die?,” a New York Times Best Seller.

Ready to register for Cisco Live now?

If you haven’t done so, register for Cisco Live today! Early bird pricing is in effect. Save $200 until April 22nd!

Cisco Live pass pricing
Cisco Live Pass Pricing

First time attending? Checkout my hints and tips article to help you have a successful conference.

Cisco Live US is June 9th-13th in San Diego, CA this year. That may seem like a long time from now, but you know how time flies and can get away from you, and hotels are filling up fast!

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