UPDATE: After being introduced to Discord and much review I feel that that the best place for this group is Discord. I’m moving the Journey from Slack to Discord. Join us at our new home here.

So, I’ve been trying to get through the rest of my CCNP. I passed the Switch exam earlier this year and started studying for Route. I’ve recently taken the exam twice in a short period of time. The first time I narrowly missed a passing score, so I thought I’d take two weeks, study up and come back swinging. Well I did that, came back and actually scored lower…

As I’ve always been I was sharing my progress on Twitter. The community has had nothing but positve and uplifting things to say. “You’ll get it!” “Don’t sweat it, it’s a tough exam. You’ll get it next time”

But, the most powerful thing someone said to me “You always hope for a pass, but in the end it’s about the journey.”

I really reflected on that. It is about the journey. It’s not that you got there, it’s how you got there. It is about the journey with anything, certs or whatever.

In addition to the failed Route Exam attempts I’ve also failed the TShoot exam. And thinking back on the last few weeks had I not failed the exam and talked to SOO many others about their journey, their struggles, and be inspired by them to keep going when in that moment all I wanted to do was stop.

Had I not failed those exams and gotten the words of encouragement that I got I may not have been compelled to do what I did last night…

I’ve created a space, on Slack, called It’s All About The Journey. If you are studying for anything, doesn’t matter, you can come here for help. You can come to get help, and you can come to give help.

It’s been about 12 hours since I created the Slack and it’s already been well received. People are making connections and finding study partners. Join here.

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