I’ll be attending VMworld this year, in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay, August 26th-30th. Follow me as I navigate the week full of sessions, announcements, keynotes, and parties! I’ll be posting to all of my social media accounts throughout the week, as well as on here.

So what’s all the fuss about anyway?

Never been to VMworld? Wondering why so many people make the annual pilgrimage to VMworld? Let me tell you!


There are 3 major keynotes during VMworld. During the keynote sessions Pat Gelsinger and his team, VMware Partners, and customers, discuss what’s new and next for VMware. Last year, at VMworld 2017, VMware vSphere on AWS was announced, which would make it much easier/seamless to migrate VM workloads from on premise to the cloud. IBM and VMware collaborated on a VMware cloud solution. And large customers discuss and show how using VMware has forever changed the way they do business.


There are tons and tons of sessions on various VMware topics and solutions. From overviews to implementations and even technical deep dives with the very people that manage these programs internally at VMware. There are sessions on best practices for design and deployment of other technologies as well, like virtualizing Domain Controllers or deploying collaboration solutions in a virtual environment. There are sessions geared toward every skill level too so whether you’re just getting started in you your career or you’ve a long time veteran everyone is sure to learn something.


Pictured above is VMware’s Kyle Rudy, and good friend Scott Driver presenting on automating deployments using PowerCLI.


VMware has such a wide reach it’s no wonder it has such a large community. This large community of users is focused on by VMUG, or VMware User Group. VMUG even has a number of their own events happening throughout VMworld, including the VMUG Member Party at the House of Blues. This annual tradition is one that many VMUG members look forward. It happens on the first night of the conference and is an opportunity for people to reconnect.

There are also a number of community oriented sessions. IT Pros can submit their ideas for session and get speaking slots on the vBrownBag Community stage. Here you can gain insights from real experienced pros. Learn from their mistakes and successes and what has worked for them.


There is tons to see and do in between sessions and after a long day of conferencing. If you want to engage your mind a little bit make sure you book time for a HOL, or Hands On Lab. This is an opportunity for you to really get hands on with a VMware solution that you might not have access to. Don’t have a lab? Afraid to upgrade to the next version? Go though the motions during a Hands on Lab so you feel more prepared to do it when you get back work. Want to learn more about a VMware solution you’re not using? Get into a HOL and see what it can do for you.

There’s also the VMworld Solution halls where vendors and sponsors are setup to illustrate what they can do for you. I, myself, have found many great solutions to problems we were facing at work through vendors I have found from spending time in the solutions hall.


You’re there to learn more about VMware. Well so are the other 25,000 plus people that are descending upon Las Vegas. Make sure you rub shoulders and chat with people you’re waiting in line with. Strike up a conversation about what hurdles you’re facing. You might just meet someone that can help you, and there will be ample opportunities to return the favor.

If you’re headed out to VMworld ping me so we can meet up. I look forward to sharing my VMworld 2018 experience with you!

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