Networking Field Day 21

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I am so excited to share with you that I’ve been named a Field Day Delegate for Networking Field Day 21! This is my first time serving as a Delegate. I am honored to be selected for the largest Networking Field Day to date!

NFD21 has a huge list of presenting sponsors: Arrcus, Aruba Networks, Barefoot Networks, Cisco, DellEMC, Extreme Networks, Forward Networks, Intel, Itential, ixia, Network to code, NGiNX, and Tesuto.

I’ll be joined fellow new, and returning, Field Day Delegates: Amy Arnold, Brian Gleason, Bruno Wollmann, Ed Horley, Jeremy Shulman, Josh Warcop, Kevin Myers, Kori Younger, Micheline Murphy, Nick Shoemaker, Remington Loose, Rob Coote, Scott McDermott, Scott Morris, Stefan Fouant, and Teren Bryson.

Networking Field Day 21 starts next Monday so keep an eye on the TFD website for full coverage of the event. I’ll join the party mid-week on Wednesday and hear what the sponsors have to say on Thursday and Friday.

Check back here after NFD21 as I will be posting on my thoughts and experience!

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